Hot springs in falling snow

The rains have started, a little patter of gray wet poetry. I want to curl up in something cozy, and wallow in art work. I feel newly inspired, a consequence of reading a phenomenal book plus learning a wicked great tip from my personal trainer. I ran this morning farther, for longer than I have in a very long time. I hit that runner’s high and haven’t come down since. Now I can do domestic work all afternoon, lost in a creative universe.

I was in denial, but I can no longer ignore that I seem to have reached cougar status. It’s sweet but holy shit it makes me feel centuries old at the same time. I have no time to train young men, and gray hair is what I want. That sounds funny until you see the kinds of wisdom that come with age. Not to everyone, but I appreciate those who have it. Personal wisdom and true love were my birthday candle wishes for years. Now I realize that what truly fulfills both is just a gigantic library. Or Powell’s Books in Portland.

Wishes for this holiday season: books, more running, skiing, a hot tub or hot springs in the snow, and more humans doing good things.

I Just Wanted You To Know – Mark Chesnut
Come Back – J. Geils Band
Light You Up – Shawn Mullins
Lovely Day – Bill Withers

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