Money Money Money

Losing almost everything in the fire barely bothers me, except for a little twinge here and there. I haven’t even had the interest to go through the boxes of what they were able to salvage. It’s all sitting in a new storage unit, neatly stacked and waiting for I don’t know what. Material shit can be lovely, but it means nothing. I’d much rather have friends, family, wonderful adventures.

The only thing that I had a hard time losing this year is my camera that was a gift from my crazy ex-boss, and I have no idea where it went – it wasn’t in the fire. But it was one of my favorite art mediums and I feel raw and lost without it, like losing the ability to speak another language. Maybe now that my bankruptcy is done, I can actually replace it. That’s kind of an exciting idea.

Given the option of having a little money, or even a lot, there’s few things as awesome as art supplies and good gear. And if you get good deals, then you can get more gear for the same budget. Sweet! A waterproof backpack I can run with and a camera – those are on my current dreamy wishlist. They aren’t necessary tools, but so helpful since a roving writer must be prepared at all times.

I’m ok and used to making do with whatever I can. It all pales in comparison when you’ve been so depressed that you let go. Since I was lucky enough to come back from that point, I’m grateful for everything. Money is just a game, and I keep score in a completely different way.

It’s extra funny that the dude tries so hard to convince me that he has no money, and he doesn’t have any clue that I really don’t care. I’ve dated dudes with way more money who were actually into me and I see what it can get you, but there’s so much more to life. Try losing everything, it gives such a lovely sense of perspective.

Money, Money, Money – ABBA
The Fiddler on the Roof
Can’t Buy My Love – Barbara Lynn
Rockin Pneumonia – Johnny Rivers

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