The hot tub seemed like the perfect place to watch the supermoon move across the sky, but I was foiled by clouds. Instead I floated in the water and thought about the playlist of songs that have been stuck in my head. After the crazy week they soothe my soul and they help me pray that as soon as the moon is waning, humans will calm the hell back down. One can hope.

I kinda want to go outside and howl it out for a while; like some primitive prayer to the heavens. Some things are beyond my speech capabilities. Luckily there are many brilliant people who know how to make all that shit into music. My playlist should really be a zillion songs long today, but it’s easier to just use these two catchy ones.

Love to all, and may this powerful moon bring wild and wonderful magic into all our lives.

All We Ever Knew – The Head and the Heart
Parachute – Chris Stapleton

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