Touch Sensitive – part dos

So much energy can be exchanged in just a touch. Adult human contact and connection are powerful. I love it;  but it seems like dudes mostly just want to take that energy, not realizing that sharing it makes it stronger. Power in numbers, it’s basic math. Which is why also humans working together can do unbelievable things. #spaceships #wine #disco

The dude is back at it; he’s always so much drama. I sure wish this one would leave me alone. I’m thinking should I move? Should I finally change my phone number? I go back and forth on it, and then I go up and down on it and oh my goodness I need more human contact so I won’t be tempted, no wonder he won’t stop pestering me. Dating for an empath= brutal. Because if you touch me with the right energy, I’ll probably melt on the spot.

I Melt With You – Modern English

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