Adventure on

I finally found an adventure partner who’s a total gear hound with mad mechanical skills. So happy right now. It’s amazing the amount of people in life who go from work to home with little variation and no adventures. Life is a complete adventure, but you have to get out and participate in it. There are quite a few things that I would like to do where I need a safety buddy, and it’s convenient to have someone on speed dial for adventures, so to speak. Bonus that he’s unmarried with no kids, and he understands the importance of being a good friend before anything else. I’ve known him for a few years now so I know his quirks and personality. I already know he’s great to go skiing with and he totally helped me replace the fuel filter on my car.

It’s not romantic or anything like that at least on my end, because it’s so much better. Romance gets me in trouble – case in point would be the last dude who was such a narcissistic disaster. At this point in time, I prefer an adventure partner. He’s got my back, thinks I look beautiful no matter how dressed up sparkly or dressed down muddy messy I am, and we’re both into getting out and reveling in all the fun shit we can do. That may not be love, but it’s pretty damn perfect right about now.

Love An Adventure – Pseudo Echo

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