How you remind me

He’s still the most amazing man I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a few. I Googled him recently out of curiosity, and he’s doing the incredible things we all expected. What’s not to love about a wicked smart man who has taken a vow to devote his life to service? I thought he was my friend, even when he was looking so handsome, flirting outrageously, and telling me how incompatible my bf and I were. I always knew he’d marry his heiress girlfriend, no matter how much he told me that they were struggling and that he had “carte blanche” to have affairs. I told him no on that since I don’t break the cardinal rule – he was my fiance’s best friend from Duke. We all used to go climbing together, it was perfect until he started flirting and confusing me.

His girlfriend was unreal too; A-list old money, Harvard educated, super beautiful and cool. There was no competing with that. They’re both wildly successful doctors now and I’m glad. We even worked together briefly in the VA ER when he was finishing up his residency. He was never arrogant, just quietly confident and the best ER doc I ever saw. Those were days I discreetly cried a lot at work. I eventually split with my fiance for a number of reasons and I knew he would never break up with his gf for me. I was just a fling he tried to have. It worked out for the best though, and I hope the two of them can fully use their gifts to make the world a better place for a long time to come.

I wonder if any of them get curious about me or Google me. I’d guess not and frankly I rather hope not. I’m not wreckage, but people like that judge your success by particular social markers, and they aren’t the same ones I use for my life.

Maybe It Was Memphis – Pam Tillis
How You Remind Me – Nickelback



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