Military gray

I fell completely in love with the Spruce Goose – I stood staring up at it thinking how gorgeous it is… and that this is what it looks like when a brilliant and mentally ill human has a huge budget to create with. I walked around it, imagining what it would look like if they’d painted it with clear gloss instead of gray paint. How spectacular to see all that beautiful wood and craft, exposed in detail. It’s magnificent anyway even though that serious military gray covers it all.

That was a fun museum; my favorite new word is “chine” from the Blackbird, biplanes still make me gushy happy, and I redeveloped some intense feelings for the DC-3. Even though I do these things on my own and I don’t have the regular benchmarks of success, I actually feel pretty happy right now. How amazing – I’m so grateful. I try not to dwell on it, but after having battled depression so intensely for so long, I feel the most profound thanks for the blessings I have now. Only physical torture can compare to the mental agony of depression, and what bliss during the times it’s lifted. When I feel baseline, I completely appreciate the wonder of everyday life. Especially if there’s old cars, steam engine trains, or airplanes involved. It’s like going from the gray dim winter into an explosion of spring color.


Parachute – Chris Stapleton
And She Was – Talking Heads


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