Where have you been

My friend said that I remind her of a innocent lamb, and the wolves recognize that instantly. I’ve never heard it phrased that way, but trust me, I know. The sophisticated rams and sheep look on with disdain while the stupid gullible lamb gets torn to pieces. It’s kind of funny really, but it’s even more of a relief to realize that my heart can’t take anymore ever again. I’ve dealt with enough from men in this lifetime, whether it’s my fault or not. Done dating. I’ll go out with people for company, and find a casual lover for sex if needed, but that’s it. I have a lot to do, life is short, and romantic distractions are just a painful waste of time.
Where Have You Been- Rihanna
Teach Me Tonight – Ella Fitzgerald
Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo-Rida
Prince Charming – Adam Ant

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