Carrying a torch

What a night; camping with some of my old roofing buddies – damn, I love those guys. I went with a female friend – she and I roofed together and she’s pretty damn fearless and awesome for a whole bunch of reasons. It was balm for my soul to be invited to hang out with her and to go camping with a huge group of guys – with their kids running around and learning to drive out in the fields, and us just throwing discs and hanging out around the campfire with beers and intensely delicious BBQ. Roofers though – of course they light their flammables/campfires with a giant propane torch. Classic.

My one buddy took me on a motorcycle ride and that was exactly what I needed. Add that to some time at a good river swimming hole in the sunshine, and then a quick stop on the way home at the dude’s for a quickie, and that was a nearly perfect weekend. It certainly helped me feel a LOT better.

Control – Broken Bells
Fight Fire With Fire – Kansas

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