The stiletto blade of truth

Out of the blue, someone can say something that resonates down to the bone. Days, weeks, months of words not penetrating too deeply, and then the stiletto blade of truth slips through the rusty chain mail that was supposed to work as armor.

I met a funny and super hot man on my commute home, so I started taking that route home regularly in hopes of running into him again. We ended up going out for drinks and doing that whole kindred spirit thing. I adore that his house is full of cool art everywhere, and funky sophistication. Leather furniture, erotic art, lush plants, a grand piano – totally my scene – and even better that he’s gay so I feel a lot safer. We can talk about raw shit, then go have an elegant drink somewhere and just laugh about the absurdities of life. He gave me one of the best insights that I’ve ever gotten from anyone, including family, beloved counselors, expensive shrinks, priest – it was amazing. I love when someone can see so clearly, and they aren’t afraid to let you know. Hard as it may be to hear, sometimes we need to hear the unvarnished, un-pretty truth. Damn though, he dug deep in that wound, but it helped clean some gooey yucky things out.

Funny how a combination of letter and sounds will do that to your soul. Something about hearing them at that time, in that place, it shifted my perspective significantly. It goes to show yet again that there are reasons that we meet people, and often the unexpected ones offer the best life lessons.


Mind Over Matter – Young The Giant
Believe – Mumford and Sons
Son Of A Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield
I Fink You Freeky – Die Antwoord
Cold Little Heart – Michael Kiwanuka
Hurricane – Luke Combs
I’ve Changed – Josh Joplin Group
Come Back And Stay – Paul Young

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