Vitamin sunshine

It’s that time of year again; sweaters and soup weather, the wonderful sound of the rain, and the deep jewel tones of autumn. It was a fun summer visit with hot southern dude, and he’s still making noises about flying out to visit, but more than the temperature has changed.

A week ago I ran out of vitamin D, and I realized today how profound of a difference it makes. This is not news, but I really noticed it this time. Like most truly effective treatments, it isn’t an instant fix. It took a while to feel better, but in conjunction with a bunch of other things – it eventually kicks in. When I slip backwards, it’s hard to deal with – I think I caught it in time though. I’m happy that I can figure out what’s causing the mood drop this time and address it. That skill only took a zillion years too long.

I don’t know if I’m up to dealing with a dude yet, no matter how charming he is. I have always loved the concept of long distance relationships; an intimate pen pal is like my forever dream. I want to see him, but sexting and a few thousand miles is pretty perfect right now. Well, at least I can get more vitamin D, sign up for the wilderness first aid class, pull out the fuzzy sweaters and leggings, and curl up with tea while I plan my next move.

Love On The Brain – Rihanna
Head Over Heels – JD McPherson
Like The Rain – Clint Black
Everywhere – Tim McGraw

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