Bibliophile Surrender

I love November, it gives me a compelling reason to spend a lot of time writing. NaNoWriMo 2017 – what fun. I love my hermit time, and just curling up and creating stories.


I never expected to find something so mysterious in grandma’s library. She was always the martini-drinking, good time kind of old lady. But when I knocked a book off the stack behind the sofa, I moved the furniture to grab the dusty old volume. The tufted brown and green floral sofa was a monstrosity, but finally I got it pulled out enough to see the book on the floor – but it didn’t have any pages. It had landed with both covers wide open, a little bibliophile surrender. The interior had been hollowed out, and tucked tightly inside was a small metal chest. I reached down to pull it out, fingers sliding across the surface, picking out the lines and curves of an engraved pattern.
Both book and chest clutched firmly, I hurried over to a small table by the window, but stopped, suddenly feeling a little paranoid. The curtains were pulled wide, but only the empty forest lay outside. Who might be watching?

Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell
You’re Mine – Raving George feat Oscar and the Wolf
Scream – Usher
Where Have You Been – Rihanna
1941- Klaypex



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