Sleeper Wagon

I went to a shop that had experts for my car;  it was dyno day so I went to meet the shop crew and scope out the place. The one specialist started talking about power and turbo and then he suggested I could put a supercharger in my wagon, and I just about had an orgasm on the spot – oh hell yes please. #sleeperwagon.

To be practical though, just something basic that will last another 100k would be dreamy.  Holy crap though, it would be funny as hell for my rusty old lady to pull up to the line all rumbly down deep, and then to leave shiny cars in the dust. I know I should get something different, that’s newer and more reliable, but I’d rather have something old that I know every inch of, and that doesn’t require payments. She’s very worn now, but still beautiful. Newer cars don’t have the same character. She just needs a little work, and a large infusion of cash. Oh, but don’t we all.


Cash Machine – Hard-Fi
A Little More Love – Olivia Newton John

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