Cozy in blues

Despite my short attention span, I’ve mostly finished a first quilt. It’s huge, approximately king sized, and made entirely out of long strips of denim. I bought a huge pile of old jeans and spent hours with a rotary cutter and scissors, and then running my sewing machine hard. How heavenly to have a specific project with a start and end, with tangible steps to progress to where I want to go. I wish more of life was like that.

The secret to the denim quilt is to use women’s jeans for the fabric, as they tend to have cool dye patterns, fraying, and color variation. Also, girly jeans are more for decoration, ie,  they ditch the utilitarian traditional denim in favor of a blend that adds stretch and form. So they’re softer  – so soft that I can’t bear to put a back on the quilt. I left it raw, just put a stitch down the side and threw it on the bed. It suits me better, and I can stare at it and see what it needs for a finishing touch – although I really do love it raw and rather frayed. The shades of blue make my bedroom look vaguely like the ocean, and I got a huge sense of accomplishment. I wish more of life was like that too.

Everywhere – Tim McGraw
Lay Low – Josh Turner


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