The sounds of daily living

My employer has a program where they pay for and offer free counseling sessions, and as you can imagine, the counselors are packed busy full with depressed, stressed out clients. I slipped into the mix, and unexpectedly fell in love with my counselor. I was prepared for anything, and what an unexpected delight to find a kindred spirit teacher who understands and wants to help. Today she taught me a phrase I hadn’t ever considered in serious terms. I called it my sensory overload, but apparently it’s called in clinical terms, “highly sensitive persons.” Sounds a little ridiculous, but hmmmm, explains a lot.

I imagine a lot of people are experiencing higher sensitivity these days, hence the mental health flare ups that I see everywhere.  That sensation of emotional distress can be so uncomfortable, and all along the spectrum into excruciatingly painful, and holy crap the things people do when they get overwhelmed. Look what I did – so I can say with the wisdom of failed experience: Talk it out, people, run it out, art it out, but make healthy choices to let the stress and sadness and fear all out.

Echo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Simple Song – The Shins

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