Amateur insomniacs

I met an amazing artist when I couldn’t sleep. Back when the yuppie lifestyle of privilege was already starting to look like a cage, back when I didn’t know what was wrong, before there was surgical intervention and major life reveals to come. I would be fully awake and restless all night, unable to sleep until I saw light outside.  I paced a lot while I was trying to figure out what to do, and I had terrible battles with sleep.

The artist was the barista on the graveyard shift, in the only decent 24 hour coffee shop that I knew of. As a bonus, the shop interior was decorated like the inside of a log cabin, complete with fireplace – super cozy, anxiety-dampening, and great for writing. I went regularly and we got to talking, ended up being friends, and she was the only person I knew that I could talk to about painting who completely understood the nuances and challenges.

Her art education also paid off in some of the most fascinating art work I’ve ever seen – and holy crap I’ve seen a lot of art (never enough though, never enough art). Her works in particular are fantastic.  It’s glorious to find abstract art that is slightly uncomfortable yet magical to look at, and I never get tired of it. How wonderful that it was also one of the rare items that escaped the fire.

She moved away before cell phones or FB were such a thing, and I’ve never been able to find her again. I hope she’s wearing that amazing red satin dress, and painting all the time.

My insomnia is much better now, but it still flares up in fairly predictable ways. It helps to use melatonin, chamomile tea, sleepy time CBD tincture, writing, stretching, or reading a super boring book. I’m wondering also how to switch to different work hours, since my best creative time is late at night, and I don’t enjoy getting up so damn early; it messes up my natural rhythm. Besides, I meet more interesting people late at night, and all kinds of things can happen. Daytime peeps and amateur insomniacs just aren’t the same.

Note: The MIA artist (and skilled barista) is Maurissa Kraft (sp?)

SOTD – The Slow Sleepy Time Playlist (don’t judge, some of it’s classic 80’s)

Vienna – Ultravox
When Your Heart is Weak – Cock Robin
Love So Right – Bee Gees
She’s My Kind Of Rain – Tim McGraw
She Used to Be Mine – Brooks and Dunn
Be Mine- David Gray
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes – Asia
It Hurt So Bad – Susan Tedeschi
Rain Is Falling – ELO
In A Manner of Speaking – Martin L Gore
Magic – ONJ
The Crying Game – Boy George
Stillness of Heart – Lenny Kravitz
This Is The Last Time – Keane
Leaving New York – REM
If You Were Here – Thompson Twins
More Than This – Roxy Music
Never Be You – Rosanne Cash
Bajo La Luna Mexicana – Concrete Blonde
Janet – The Commodores
So Far Away – Dire Straits
With Every Beat of My Heart – Laura Branigan
Rough Boy – ZZ Top
Old And Wise – APP
Dream  A Little Dream – The Beautiful South
No Promises – Icehouse

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