Imagine that moment when you’re an hour or two up dirty trails on top of a mountain, hot summer sun through the trees. Your front tire is perched on the edge of a gnarly, steep downhill,  with trees tight on the sides, and little room for error. How do you make your brain switch from “oh my fucking god I’m going to die,” to “yeeeeeehawwww” ? That’s where I feel like I’m at.

Since I keep dreaming of mountain biking, and the weather is dreamy perfect right now – time to drag chubby pale limbs out up the mountain. Gotta go early, before the crowds get out of church, and the partiers are still sleeping off the drugs and booze. Hey, I wonder if a shot of Jameson’s would help my biking if I promise to not try any un-scouted jumps. And oh yes I love to wear girly colors on my beefy tank of a bike. A ruffle or bright happy color, it’s all color therapy, and maybe it will help me take that metaphoric first hard pedal, right into the drop. Ummmm


Paradise – George Ezra
Everybody’s Lonely – Jukebox the Ghost
Hold My Hand – Hootie and the Blowfish
Hey Eugene – Pink Martini
Lady Love Me (One More Time)- George Benson
Smoke – A Thousand Horses
Take Me Home, Country Roads -John Denver
Boys of Summer – The Ataris


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