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Super blue

In a sunny blooming park I ran another 5k this morning. I was craving the happy chemical release, and hoping the challenge would distract from the mental circles I keep running in. Physical exertion can distract me from how broken … Continue reading

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Making room

Today of all days I needed the ocean. With such bad news rolling in, I crave my daily beach walk more than I can even express. It’s like a gnawing hunger that never quite disappears, even though it recedes here … Continue reading

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Blue dreams

I miss living closer to the water. Needed this today: SOTD No Roots – Alice Merton Bruises – Chairlift All On Me – Devin Dawson You Got It All – The Jets

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Creatures of habit

There’s something to be said for persistence, and keeping at something until you master it. We are absolutely creatures of habit, oh yes, and sometimes things take a lot of practice. And yet, that persistence doesn’t always pay off; sometimes … Continue reading

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The fundamental interconnectedness of all things

I’ve been reading a book that makes some very interesting points about human connection. What’s fascinating is the concept of connection as they present it: Do we really feel lonely and craving an emotional or romantic connection, or is it … Continue reading

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Hurts so good

What in life is as satisfying as doing something you’ve wanted to do, but weren’t sure that you could? I checked the 5k run off my personal challenge list today, and had such fun doing it that I signed up … Continue reading

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