When I think of you

When I write stories, I try to give them happy endings. Unlike real life, I want my characters to always experience closure, things working out, and lasting happiness. In reality humans are messy, life is painful and complicated, and getting lost in my fictional bliss can be a welcome escape.

But when I think of you, the characters get all messed up and confused, and nothing comes out right. The protagonist is left in the rain on a bridge, feeling like her heart just got ripped out. Knowing that the moment passed, never to return, and the opportunity, whatever it could possibly have been, is now shattered and lost forever. You are one of those wounds that never heal correctly and always have an ache to it.

And since there will never be closure or healing, I’m relieved to never see you again even if it somehow, stupidly, still makes me sad. Fucking reality.

Que Sera Sera – Pink Martini
A Little More Summertime – Jason Aldean
Destination Unknown – Marietta

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