Float therapy #5

I fell asleep in the sensory deprivation tank today, it was amazing. Usually I just enjoy the time, but I was exhausted, and as soon as I got comfortable and turned the light out, I was out as well. Interestingly enough, I was breaking the rules by using the tank, as this particular place makes you sign a waiver saying you may not use the tank if you are experiencing a list of things, including severe depression. Fuck you. I’m there to alleviate the severe depression and stress, and the float tanks are heavenly helpful for both. It’s like crawling back into a safe womb for a while, and I haven’t slept that well in about a thousand years. Worth every penny and one lie by omission. I’ve said it before but let me say it again that I completely, emphatically recommend float therapy.

Fire Away – Chris Stapleton


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  1. whats with that rule? I dont understand/


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