Save my country

The thing that I despair most about, due to our current political climate and situation, is that potential and hope are being destroyed for so many. Our country and our entire planet could be doing so much better. Humans need to be given every opportunity to reach their full potential – that way we all benefit.

So much is being violently stolen and destroyed right now, in ways that will be felt for decades, generations. I just can’t believe that our congress isn’t stepping up to stop the corruption; I’m so sad for my country. Even worse is the halt of the flow of immigrants.  We need a flow of new blood to keep us vital and full of hope, innovation – and how evil to not help those so desperately in need. Damn our traitorous mobster of a president, and all of his greedy, unethical minions.

It sucks how the greediest bullies seem to be the ones in charge of the money and power. They’re old; I hope they die off soon. Creepy evil old fucks.

The Way Life’s Meant To Be – ELO

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