The great divide

When someone won’t hesitate to use violence, to wound or kill you, it’s impossible to have a meaningful dialogue.When someone is determined to make you think like they do, whether logical or not, sometimes they will stop at nothing. And you are chained, bound, beaten, bleeding, penned in any way while they steal everything they can.

And yet humanity is worth so much more than this. The raw, untapped human potential for doing great things is crippled by a greedy, violent, dishonorable minority. Everyone else is just running around trying to survive and maybe even thrive. Chomsky said it best when he described how to control the masses with fear and instability. I see it happening more every day.

And so the rift widens every day, that time and space ravine between me and you. Details fade as distance increases. Trees grow over the charred landscape of words exchanged, and the slopes of rubble and dirt – all that remains of what once was.

New Divide – Linkin Park


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