After all

He was out of my life for five years; the last time I saw him he was on steroids and drugs and with a horrible wretch of a woman. After 20 years of friendship, including six years of dating, it was painful to walk away.

Today I went out boating and inner tubing with him, and holy cow despite the ups and downs, I just love knowing someone for so long. Now he’s a working dad with a 3 year old. He loves being a dad, it calmed him down and focused him, and lord knows he’s always been amazing with kids. He knows how to play so well, and both of his parents were educators, I’m not surprised that he’s a great dad, teaching his girls to be bad ass in a good way.

He was my adventuring partner from the moment we met. Hang gliding, rock climbing, kayaking, setting land speed records, and just driving around talking. Having a partner who was like “screw what your doctors tell you, your parents suck, just smoke some weed, relax, and make a plan. But first let’s go on this three hour bike ride up and down this mountain.” It was refreshing to escape from all the “you’re sick, take these pills.”

The dude is doing very well now,  and I couldn’t help feeling a little more lost and unsuccessful in our society. I’ve worked my ass off, but I have nothing to show for it. All the things I feel that I’ve accomplished, they’re mostly intangible.

Yet my new mantra is “walk lightly on the earth” with a repeating of my complete gratitude for what amazing luck I have.


Love Of The Common People – Paul Young
Extraordinary Way – Conjure One
Juliet – Robin Gibb
After All – Collective Soul

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