The Lost Book of Chaucer

We pulled the huge old book out of the shelves, just as we heard a faint commotion at the entrance far away across the vast reaches of the underground archives. Elliot quickly stashed the book in his backpack, while I shifted the remaining books on the shelf to make the hole less conspicuous. I reached my hand in one last time, and froze as I encountered something I didn’t expect.

Whispered voice hoarse with excitement; “El, give me the flashlight.”

“What is it? We have to go, like now.”

“There’s something weird on the wall behind this shelf.” Our pursuers were only moments away, but I took a chance and started yanking, pushing, pulling, twisting on what felt like a lever. We were in the far corner of the archives, up against ancient stone walls in the cavernous space. Shelves and sealed cabinets stretched up and out as far as the eye could see – if there had been lights on. Distantly we could see fast moving points of light scanning the area, and our previous exit plans were now cut off.

With a faint grinding noise, part of the shelving swung out, revealing a small door in the wall. We looked at each other, grinned wickedly, and dove through it, carefully pulling the shelves and door closed behind us. Come what may, we were deep in it now. Elliot handed me a flashlight, as we stood up and we looked around at the hidden chamber we had found.


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