Monday morning

Sometimes reconnecting with an old friend can provide valuable insight and powerful grounding. I had breakfast this morning with one of my dearest friends from high school, and the conversation reminded me of some important lessons about life, humanity, and the importance of pursuing your dreams. The last couple of months have been challenging – who am I kidding, life is often challenging – but I have made some moves to change everything, hopefully for the better, and now I feel a little more excited about it.

As of this morning, I am registered for school, because it’s amazingly free to get a degree through my job!!! I have also connected with a computer whiz who is hopefully going to build me a computer so I can work on teaching online. And I’m contemplating a CNA or EMT program, just because right now I actually have the time and money, sort of, to manage it. Life is short, might as well pack my brain full of as much cool, useful info as I can.

If nothing else, it’s excellent distraction from the blues, and makes me feel a tiny bit more accomplished and less worthless as a human. I decided long ago that a life of service was the only thing that would truly fulfill me, but hammering out the details has taken longer than I thought it would.

Monday Morning – Melanie Fiona
Woman Woman – AWOLNATION
Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Dreaming – OMD

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