Wearing your colors

Finally now I’m putting together the harem of boyfriends that I’ve wanted. It would take one pretty goddamn spectacular man to inspire me to surrender my independence, and that hasn’t happened. Instead, I am gathering a bunch of them to fulfill my requirements.

So far I’ve lined up:

The blue eyed one for dressy, elegant indoor activities requiring social skills.
The nurse, for outdoor activities and all things mechanical.

Now I need a few for casual dates, and one super skilled lover. I used to think I was only wired for one, but modern dating is so awful, and modern men have no honor or loyalty – why should I waste my loyalty on them? I’ve decided to be poly, and tell all of them that I’m seeing other men. And actually, I might see other women as well. Why limit yourself? Life is short and messy, round up as much happiness as you can.


Blue Eyes – Elton John
Colors – April Smith and the Great Picture Show

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