All those years of therapy, and I’m trained to talk my way through stressors and problems. I was challenged by a distinct lack of sleep and stressing hard this week, and trying to verbally work it out, and then, the intense energy was explained when I started my period. I haven’t had one in months, and the week before is always a mess of hormones and strong energy. I’m marking my calendar now, so I can look out for it next month, whether I bleed or not.  The up and down cycle is simply sucky sometimes, and I’m quite glad I could figure out what was causing it. I didn’t have the healthiest responses this time; there was lots of sugar ingested, and irritability, and a decent amount of beer.

I will say it over and over; I’m so grateful to the friends that I’ve known a long time, and how non-judgmental and loving they are. I ended up having some epiphanies, and we talked over ideas until we fleshed out better answers. I also went out for drinks with my friend from high school, and came home with some super cheap but amazing art, FTW. Also celebrating that I actually got my homework done (at the last minute).

Phew, what a week. Yay for meeting new and wonderful people, and letting go of old emotional shit.

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