The rise of global mafia

The worst part about the global mafia and wealthy elite making ever more greedy, naked, violent pushes for money and power, is that billions of people are deprived of the opportunities to live up to their full potential, and we all lose the immense power of what we could really do when humans do well and work together. The teacher/nanny in me wants to scold and demand better behavior, but I know it’s likely to be drowned out by the flood of negativity and the “I got mine so fuck you” mentality.

The focus is all wrong right now, but it could still be changed. Do enough people care enough? I’m not stupid enough to pray for world peace or any over-simplification like that, but holy crap humans can do much better than this, can act better, live better, treat others better, and we’d all be having more fun and more awesome adventures.

Cash Machine – Hard-Fi
Love Cries – Stage Dolls
In My Dreams – Berlin
Most People Are Good – Luke Bryan
Friend Or Foe – Adam Ant

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