Appreciating the #WhyIDidn’tReport

People lament the men who are brought down by sexual assault allegations; but these kinds of male predatory behaviors are way too common, have been going on for many many years now, and they need to change. NOW. Sexual harassment and assault are indicative of frames of mind that are sick and need to be treated, before they can destroy more lives. You know what’s even more disgusting? The kinds of behavior men use to cover up what they did – WTF with the violence and lack of any morality or integrity.

After a thousand years of not being able to tell, of being too afraid, ashamed, mortified about it, it’s a relief every time I can actually say it: I was molested for about twelve years, often on a daily basis, and the emotional abuse was exponentially worse. Also, the mark of being a sexual abuse victim on that kind of scale – let’s just say it’s like going into the world wearing a label on my forehead reading “Easily violated and taken advantage of!” It  doesn’t set you up for great things. Then there was the response to my acting out due to the situation: “Medicate her! Yeah!” It’s unbelievably difficult to retrain your brain and try to have a healthy and normal life after that. People don’t understand that being sexually assaulted or abused even once – depending on the person and the circumstances – it can destroy your life. By extension that affects the people around you, and it becomes a cascade of damage. It needs to stop.

Every sad song ever written

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