I gave up on religion well before the church told us that my sister couldn’t be buried in their cemetery, because she’d died by suicide. By that point I was already looking for the lessons among what seemed like a “bait and switch” con game. Church seemed to be all talk about how devoted you are to God, while doing shitty evil things in the shadows, but feeling self righteous about it – isn’t that the height of insanity?

The unfortunate thing is that some churches are so dirty, but the concept of religion can teach really wonderful lessons: take care of each other, nurture the sick, practice gratitude, share – but it’s all wrapped up in centuries of power struggles and douchebaggery. WTF.

Despite my break up with religion, I am very appreciative of the basic lessons, and I just wish we could get back to those, instead of the current rush towards the excess of divisive and unhappy.

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen
Cure for Pain – Morphine


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