4 hours

Looking at my life and what I own, I figure that from anywhere in the city, I’m only four hours away from walking away from everything. Meaning that I could get home, pack what I need, grab my passport, and be out the door. Of course, that’s only if the right opportunity came along, and so far it hasn’t yet. How wonderful if it did though. I wish I could quit my soul crushing job and completely restructure my life so that my only jobs would be content creation and online teaching – both of which can be done from a computer almost anywhere.

Baby steps I guess. Clearly some changes have to be made, I need to GTFO of the giant healthcare corporation, and hopefully leave the city as well. Fingers crossed that I can whip up some magical opportunity – which really means that I have to put in the work, the time, the research, and then also pray for lucky timing and serendipity.

4 hours and I’m ready. Come on universe, let’s make some great things happen.

Sail Away – David Gray
Somebody Else Will – Justin Moore
Hard Out Here – Lily Allen

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