Change the culture of “disposable”

One of my favorite things about living where I do, is that the man who built this place was brilliant in finding uses and reuses for things. Clearly he understood that a better use of money and resources is to get more than one purpose out of something you’ve already purchased. For example, he used old motor oil containers cut in half, as holsters to hang power tools on the wall – so clever. That keeps more out of landfills, makes his tools easy to find and access, and gives a cool, funky feel to the shop space.

Everything is getting so expensive, I feel like I need to get more creative to make ends meet. For all kinds of reasons, I feel like I can’t even afford to live in our society anymore. Do I get that prescription that will improve my quality of life, or do I fix that urgent safety issue on my car? I know millions of people face similar choices all the time too. We live in a culture of disposable, where we are pressured to work work work so we can spend spend spend, preferably on useless shit that needs to constantly be replaced. It’s disheartening and ridiculous. As people, as a country, as a planet, that culture is self-destructive and needs to change.

In the meantime, my friend keeps talking about sailing around the world for a year, and I honestly would leave today. I have a passport and some art supplies – let’s GTFO. The last few weeks have been really challenging, and I am ready and willing to do something drastic to change my life. Currently it’s not working for me – gotta do something else, even if the thought of changing is scary. When you feel like you’re dying faster every day it becomes easier to start looking at other choices. I’m looking at overseas opportunities, or simply moving to a smaller city, or just changing jobs, but I have to do something, and soon. I don’t even live extravagantly, but it feels like a hamster wheel just the same, and I want off.

#DoBetter #BeBetter

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