Rebel biker

I didn’t mean to; I thought it was colder out than it was. After biking for a while, I had to strip off a layer due to overheating. I biked the rest of my ride in a polypro top with no bra, out in the cool autumn morning, trying to be discreet, hoping no one was paying attention as I went over a tiny jump. I pedaled away fast, not wanting to confront small minded people. Who says I have to wear a bra anyway? They are constricting, expensive, and medieval.

*starts to run*

Ok, sometimes they’re helpful, but I shouldn’t have to fear public shaming just because I don’t want to wear a bra. It felt amazing going without – that breeze was lovely. Maybe that’s why we’re supposed to bind them up – that puritanical crushing of anything physical that might cause pleasure for women.

Hard Out Here – Lily Allen

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