Modern simple

A doctor buddy in the ER encouraged me to read whatever I wanted in the textbooks and reference manuals shelved in the doctors’ workroom. I read a lot of bits of psychology and psychiatry texts, so from that and my nurse boyfriend –  I knew more or less what to expect from my current Psych 101 class. Regrettably I also skimmed through a dermatology textbook that had pictures that I’ve forever been unable to un-see – don’t ever do that.

One of the hazards of reading medical textbooks is the starting to feel like you have every condition or disorder described. Luckily, after all my study and from hours of paid conversations with professionals, I can describe my issues in clinical detail, so I think I’m less prone to the phenomenon. All this reading on psychology though, and I’m reminded of why I believe in working so hard to maintain mental health and try to really thrive. I also kind of despise the DSM-V, but that’s a whole other thing.

That same doctor buddy once gave me the best answer to something I asked him, which was a laughing “That’s a very simple question with a very complicated answer,” and I’ve used variations of it ever since, because it’s so often the case. Life is messy, complicated, confusing, and labels and clinical criteria can never quite capture all the variations and nuances.


Call and Answer – Barenaked Ladies
Natural Blues – Moby

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