Mangy guardian angel

The veil is supposedly thin at this time of year, and perhaps that’s why my dreams have been so strange and intense lately. Not bad or scary, just active, and emotionally intense. I wake up exhausted but kind of refreshed, like I just sweated through a flare up of some wild full moon fever.

Every year at this time there’s a large dance party, and it’s my favorite way to usher in the change of seasons and deal with my beast of depression. Every year I try to come up with a costume that reflects how I’m feeling, so this year I went as a guardian angel because it seems like we need a lot more of them. Not that I really believe in them, but I love the idea.

Creating costumes is a great excuse to get all artsy craftsy. I made the wings long and floaty and I was in a hurry when I made them, so they ended up looking kind of mangy. They were basically shoulder-to-floor length, vaguely wing shaped pieces of opaque white fabric. I cut out smaller feather-ish shaped pieces, drew a few veins in gray on each one, and hot glued the ends of them to the larger pieces. Then I hot glued white feather boas around the entire border of the wings. They were light but had enough weight to float perfectly while dancing. Then I pulled out my gold sequin wrap dress, and attached the wings to the shoulders. A quick bendy wire halo and done. Great dance costume, and really I just wanted to put that energy out there, as a counterbalance to mass media pushing so much violence and anger.

The DJs were great again this year – it’s like prayer to see so many people get into the same glorious groove. I didn’t drink, just took my vape pen and hydrated and danced with my friends. When all else seems overwhelming, it’s a relief to simply see and feel the energy of humans dancing together. Just looking around and reading the news, I feel like any guardian angels would be shedding feathers in frustration over humans.

Don’t Wait Up – Robert DeLong
Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) – AWOLNATION
Fallen – Sarah McLaughlin
Mama Told Me Not To Come – Three Dog Night
The Weeping Song – Nick Cave
Everybody Knows – Leonard Cohen
Boys of Summer – Don Henley

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