Pumpkin butter

A recipe called for pumpkin butter, and Google showed me how to make it; it makes your house smell amazeballs, and let’s just say yummmmm – it has so many uses too! I have mad scientist plans to create a holiday parfait type dessert with it. Gourds and squash and damn I love autumn cooking. Add it to sweater tights, cocktails, baking,  soup weather, and NaNoWriMo, and I am so happy, and beyond grateful to feel that way, no matter how long it lasts.

Now 16000 words into my novel and I have to get up periodically and do a chore or something, it helps the process. I had no plot planned out, no characters in mind, and I’ve been winging it the whole way, it’s keeping me entertained but challenged, like hanging right on the edge between arousal and orgasm.

How cool to create something exciting and adventurous that has never existed before. It’s a very rough draft, for sure, it’s all about getting the basic bones down, and then we’ll see how it reads. That’s the funny twist to the creative process; you just work through the creation, and hope it comes out awesome and doesn’t suck.

*and seriously, make the pumpkin butter, it’s freakin delicious.

Put A Little Love In Your Heart – Annie Lennox and Al Green

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