The Tempest

Unexpectedly, one of my favorite paintings right now is J.W.Waterhouse’s “Miranda – The Tempest.” Google it, I’ll wait — yeah, it’s good, right? I love the lush colors, and the imagery is stunning. Waterhouse is mostly too melodramatic and maudlin for me, but his use of color and detail is spectacular.

I don’t know the story of the painting, and am not sure I want to. I just imagine being on that beach in the storm, watching the love of your life going down in that ship, and what she must feel being a helpless observer. I’m pretty tempestuous impulsive, and I also imagine ripping off that useless dress, and using anything I could find to get out there – even if it’s a doomed attempt. Maybe that’s the wrong way to think about it, I don’t know.

The print I have of the painting is stained a bit with soot from the fire, and somehow that makes it seem more realistic, and not just a pretty painting or idealized view of reality. Life is messy and painful, and I think a lot of us feel too isolated in our own heads.


Inside and Out – Feist
Halo – DM


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